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Libby Schoettle Featured on BlackBook

From Betty Boop to Blair Waldorf, New York City has inspired an ever-evolving history of fictional “It” Girls. Although the latest fille to make the list hasn’t been defying social distancing guidelines in covert downtown speakeasies or igniting Page Six scandals; she has been—much to our delight—regularly spotted around town.

Meet PhoebeNewYork, the charming and très fashionable alter ego of NYC-based artist Libby Schoettle. Phoebe has been popping up on boarded up storefronts and bus shelters throughout New York and across the globe, and stirring up quite a buzz. More than just a street-art phenomenon, she’s amassed over thirty-two thousand Instagram followers, collaborated with brands like Victoria Beckham Beauty, lululemon, and Rag & Bone, and will be the subject of a Canobie Films docuseries next year.

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Phoebe New York

Libby Schoettle Interview with Street Art NYC

Speaking With NYC-Based Artist Libby Schoettle on Her Endearing Alter Ego, “Phoebe New York”

I fell in love with Phoebe New York the moment I saw her on the streets of my city, and I’ve since become obsessed with her!  I love everything about her – from her trendy, doll-like figure and her gorgeous outfits to her empowering messages. Recently, I had the honor to speak to her creator, Libby Schoettle.

Can you tell us a bit about your background? Where were you born? Where did you grow up?

I was born in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania and raised on a nearby farm. My father was working as an English teacher at the Church Farm School, a boys’ boarding school. And so that’s where I grew up.  I was always surrounded by nature. It was amazing… and totally the opposite of New York City!

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When VB meets Phoebe

When Victoria Beckham Met Phoebe

PhoebeNewYork creates eight collages for the launch of Victoria Beckham's Beauty Products

Something good is worth finding is one of Phoebe’s messages and, for me, that something is Phoebe,” says Libby Schoettle, New York City-based street artist and creator of PhoebeNewYork. Phoebe provides a quirky, artistic, and modern take on feminism and female empowerment including love and work. For VB, these shared values are exactly what drew her towards Phoebe in the first place. “Victoria makes magic and I think Phoebe makes magic, too.” And together, #VBandPhoebe marked this week’s launch of the Bitten Lip Tint and Lip Definer with eight collages sprinkled throughout the city.

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When VB meets Phoebe


PhoebeNewYork selected as one of the Top 5 Rising Street Artists by Skate Art

Schoettle’s alter ego “phoebenewyork” is a round-faced woman with a black bob. She has popped up in cities including New York, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Sydney, and Barcelona in the form of prints wheatpasted to telephone polls and walls. Her original collages—which together recount a story, of Phoebe falling in love, wandering around town, and experiencing heartbreak—are created with found objects, including magazine pages, old books, record sleeves, and vintage photographs. Prints on her site sell for between $100–250. She has an Instagram following of more than 20,000.

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Believe In Yourself

Phoebe New York Is Somebody

PhoebeNewYork shares her inspiration, process, and outlook on the New York street art scene in an interview with Jejune Magazine.

How did you get into street art?

"No artist can predict how their art will be received, and it certainly never crossed my mind that my art would be seen by people walking past it on their city walks, finding it on poles, doors and walls. My start in street art was very unexpected. I didn’t know anything about street art or graffiti until I began this journey, a journey that has happily changed my entire direction as a woman and as an artist. And yet you can’t question what feels right; from the first time I put Phoebe on the street, I never looked back."

You have a very cool style. Can you tell us a bit about what attracts you to collages and why you choose what you include in them?

Thank you! I am attracted to anything that I am attracted to, if that makes sense! Once, I found an old refrigerator door on the side of the road and dragged it into my seven-story walk up apartment because I was sure I could make something with it, and I did! I always trust my instincts in terms of what I use for my art, what I include in my art, and even what I photograph. I am attracted to things that remind me of the past, things that feel timeless. Quite often my collages contain elements from several different time periods, and I feel it is that combination of “time” that makes my work come alive. A skirt from 1950 and a top from 1980 and hair from 1920 can become the future.

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Believe In Yourself

Panelist at Elevation Worldwide Her·o·ism Art Series

Elevation Worldwide is a multi-dimensional creativity incubator, and platform for artists around the world. They selected Libby as a panelist in their Her·o·ism Series as part of their theme "A Tribute To The Unsung Heroes" at the Moniker Art Fair in NoHo.

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Downtown Magazine NYC Names Libby One of the Top 100 Wonder Women Changing the World

We were thrilled to read Downtown Magazine NYC named Libby one of the Top 100 Wonder Women changing the world in their April 2019 issue! Thank you so much!

Images courtesy Downtown Magazine NYC

Libby & PhoebeNewYork featured at Delmonico’s 151st Anniversary Ladies POWER Lunch

Bella NYC Magazine had the scoop on PhoebeNewYork's appearance at Delmonico’s 151st Anniversary Ladies POWER Lunch, where Libby herself was a Guest Speaker:

Every year Delmonico's opens its doors to the women of New York City for their annual Ladies’ Power Lunch, celebrating the date in 1868 when the restaurant first served women independently from men... The theme of the event was rebels, which was apparent with Libby Schoettle of Phoebe New York's REBELS artwork strewn about the building, as well as rebellious female icons come to life who greeted guests upon arrival.

Thanks again to Bella NYC Magazine for covering the event! Read more about the event here:

Cover images courtesy Bella NYC Magazine; article image courtesy Delmonico's

Joab Jackson reviews PhoebeNewYork

New Yorker Joab Jackson shared some wonderful musings about PhoebeNewYork this month:

For Manhattanites, Phoebe might seem to be everywhere, like a relentless but affable socialite. Her stuck-on visage -- round, largely inscrutable, and seemingly hastily applied -- is oft accompanied with a few words of inspiration, or exasperation. She is pasted to building walls, or lampposts, and wherever stickers and slaps from the underground are publicly planted. From this style alone, locals know her, even if though don't consciously recognize her.

Read more from Joab Jackson's piece on his website:

PhoebeNewYork Solo Show "Wall to Wall"

Join us at 212 Art Gallery to celebrate our newest solo show from NYC collage and street artist Libby Schoettle featuring her alter ego, PhoebeNewYork, on Thursday, January 10, 2019 from 6:00-9:30 pm.

“1 of 10 Rising Street Artists Who Are Taking the Art Form Beyond Banksy” - Naomi Rea, ArtNet, December 2017

“Wall to Wall” will celebrate the always vulnerable, yet strong PhoebeNewYork, while laying bare just how imperfect the life of a woman and an artist can be.

In this show, for the first time, PhoebeNewYork is clearly conjured from an alchemy of the artist’s intimate introspections and public persona. Some PhoebeNewYorks are comprised of passages of the artist’s as-of-yet unpublished manuscript, and many are on large-scale wood panels reminiscent of the most popular PhoebeNewYork street pieces.

PhoebeNewYork reveals so much about love, identity, woman-power, humor, self-confidence, isolation, and rebellion from societal norms through her distinctively raw, cut-out forms and their fashion, expressions, gestures, and the occasional inclusion of poignant words or phrases. PhoebeNewYork is a NYC street art mainstay: a character beloved for connecting with passersby and Instagram admirers as they relate to her experiences of feeling misunderstood, isolated, underestimated, and more.

“Her artwork often raises a playful eyebrow at the fashion industry while questioning beauty standards and feelings about love and gender.” – Mary Dellas, The Cut, February 2018

Please visit and follow @PhoebeNewYork for additional information. Libby Schoettle and PhoebeNewYork star in a docuseries by Canobie Films,, and the final night of filming will take place at the art show.

212 Gallery is New York’s home for urban contemporary art.

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