Phoebe New York Is Somebody

PhoebeNewYork shares her inspiration, process, and outlook on the New York street art scene in an interview with Jejune Magazine.

How did you get into street art?

“No artist can predict how their art will be received, and it certainly never crossed my mind that my art would be seen by people walking past it on their city walks, finding it on poles, doors and walls. My start in street art was very unexpected. I didn’t know anything about street art or graffiti until I began this journey, a journey that has happily changed my entire direction as a woman and as an artist. And yet you can’t question what feels right; from the first time I put Phoebe on the street, I never looked back.”

You have a very cool style. Can you tell us a bit about what attracts you to collages and why you choose what you include in them?

Thank you! I am attracted to anything that I am attracted to, if that makes sense! Once, I found an old refrigerator door on the side of the road and dragged it into my seven-story walk up apartment because I was sure I could make something with it, and I did! I always trust my instincts in terms of what I use for my art, what I include in my art, and even what I photograph. I am attracted to things that remind me of the past, things that feel timeless. Quite often my collages contain elements from several different time periods, and I feel it is that combination of “time” that makes my work come alive. A skirt from 1950 and a top from 1980 and hair from 1920 can become the future.

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