World class gallery WCC Austin invites PhoebeNewYork to a show

West Chelsea Contemporary is a world-class gallery offering museum-quality art in the heart of downtown Austin, Texas.

Their exhibition, Concrete to Canvas, recognizes artists and their ability to evolve their work from the street to a studio. PhoebeNewYork is displayed alongside other street artists such as Banksy, KAWS, Keith Haring, Kobra, and more.

The exhibit is open from November 7-December 31,2020 at the West Chelsea Contemporary in Austin, TX.

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One of our favorite, and chicest, New Yorkers profiled by GiftMeChic

How did you first imagine “PhoebeNewYork?"

I didn’t, she just came to me from a totally organic place, and from there she grew into the character we know now as PhoebeNewYork.

PhoebeNewYork is based on your alter-ego, does she get to do things Libby wants to do but doesn’t?

Yes! I think Phoebe’s freedom is the reason she was born. Phoebe gets to say, dress and go the places Libby would love to, and that is part of the fun I have in thinking about and making her.

I think art is a language. I don’t allow myself very much in life, but I can express myself in unlimited ways through her. I think I’m able to communicate a huge range of emotions through Phoebe, which has been kind of like creating a new language. Living through her is unending magic.


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