When Victoria Beckham Met Phoebe

PhoebeNewYork creates eight collages for the launch of Victoria Beckham’s Beauty Products

Something good is worth finding is one of Phoebe’s messages and, for me, that something is Phoebe,” says Libby Schoettle, New York City-based street artist and creator of PhoebeNewYork. Phoebe provides a quirky, artistic, and modern take on feminism and female empowerment including love and work. For VB, these shared values are exactly what drew her towards Phoebe in the first place. “Victoria makes magic and I think Phoebe makes magic, too.” And together, #VBandPhoebe marked this week’s launch of the Bitten Lip Tint and Lip Definer with eight collages sprinkled throughout the city.

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When VB meets Phoebe