PhoebeNewYork Solo Show “Wall to Wall”

Join us at 212 Art Gallery to celebrate our newest solo show from NYC collage and street artist Libby Schoettle featuring her alter ego, PhoebeNewYork, on Thursday, January 10, 2019 from 6:00-9:30 pm.

“1 of 10 Rising Street Artists Who Are Taking the Art Form Beyond Banksy” – Naomi Rea, ArtNet, December 2017

“Wall to Wall” will celebrate the always vulnerable, yet strong PhoebeNewYork, while laying bare just how imperfect the life of a woman and an artist can be.

In this show, for the first time, PhoebeNewYork is clearly conjured from an alchemy of the artist’s intimate introspections and public persona. Some PhoebeNewYorks are comprised of passages of the artist’s as-of-yet unpublished manuscript, and many are on large-scale wood panels reminiscent of the most popular PhoebeNewYork street pieces.

PhoebeNewYork reveals so much about love, identity, woman-power, humor, self-confidence, isolation, and rebellion from societal norms through her distinctively raw, cut-out forms and their fashion, expressions, gestures, and the occasional inclusion of poignant words or phrases. PhoebeNewYork is a NYC street art mainstay: a character beloved for connecting with passersby and Instagram admirers as they relate to her experiences of feeling misunderstood, isolated, underestimated, and more.

“Her artwork often raises a playful eyebrow at the fashion industry while questioning beauty standards and feelings about love and gender.” – Mary Dellas, The Cut, February 2018

Please visit and follow @PhoebeNewYork for additional information. Libby Schoettle and PhoebeNewYork star in a docuseries by Canobie Films,, and the final night of filming will take place at the art show.

212 Gallery is New York’s home for urban contemporary art.

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