PhoebeNewYork featured in Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue includes PhoebeNewYork in several articles as the publication addresses a variety of important issues this year, including nutrition, mental well-being and sexual health.

PhoebeNewYork has appeared with this article about the importance of a healthy diet to help alleviate the moods and sadness that go with PMS, and in a separate article about the complexity of depression and anxiety.

Phoebe also appeared in this serious piece about the long-term impact of unwanted sexual encounters on women who’ve experienced them.

Libby Schoettle, the artist behind PhoebeNew York and subject of Canobie’s upcoming docuseries, is honored to be a part of Teen Vogue’s empowering work.

* Nylon ran this article with the PhoebeNewYork images in summer, 2017.