New York Artist Elizabeth Schoettle will ‘take over’ the Museum

Horsens Kunstmuseum is pleased to present a mid-career retrospective of New York-based artist Elizabeth Schoettle. MY PAPER WORLD is the European museum debut for the artist behind PhoebeNewYork, open on 21 August through 30 January, 2022.  

MY PAPER WORLD at Horsens Kunstmuseum presents Elizabeth Schoettle’s (and her alter ego PhoebeNewYork’s) creative  journey over the last two decades. The monograph museum display enables the visitor to understand and follow the narrative of Schoettle’s artistic process and practice. More than 7,000 sq. ft. or 75% of the museum will be devoted to the mid-career retrospective. Works in MY PAPER WORLD number more than 600, and their dimensions span from 3.5 inches to more than 14 feet. Various mediums include early  photographs, illustrations, line drawings, mixed media collages, prints, wheatpasted Street Art, posters, and other reference material and ephemera from and about the artist.

Alongside traditional museum displays of Schoettle’s work, immersive designs re-create New York’s atmosphere for museum visitors, from the 22 ft. high wall reproduction of the Brooklyn Bridge welcoming visitors on the first floor to an entire room transformed into an East Village street corner. PhoebeNewYork’s street art will be displayed side by side with works by 13 other street artists invited to exhibit with PhoebeNewYork. The artists, @Ethanarmenart, @Thomasallen_nyc, @Zimad_art, @d7606, @acool55, @chrisrwk, @sacsix, @kafkaisfamous, @megzany, @wrdsmth, @voxxromana, @frank_ape, @consumerart, @c_3, and @goodluckdrycleaners are some of the artists PhoebeNewYork has met along her journey.

Also on view will be an excerpt from the Canobie Films documentary of Schoettle, due to release in 2021. The selection shadows Schoettle’s process beginning in her studio apartment as she struggles, creates, and completes the artworks and takes to the streets in the early morning hours or the late evenings when the wheat pastes are illegally staged.

Recent Press

Vogue | Phoebe—A Street Art Star in New York—Has Landed a Museum Show in Denmark

by Laird Borrelli-Persson

“Phoebe’s face, if not her name, will be familiar to those who spend a time in downtown Manhattan. Since 2015 this round-faced, sassy, highly opinionated, and somewhat neurotic sprite has held court, illegally, on lamp posts and such. She’s always dressed to the nines, and is never at a loss for words.

Phoebe is the brainchild of Schoettle, who describes her creation as her alter-ego. “It’s very important for me to recognize her as that because she does the things that I’m afraid of, and I am able to put into her things that inspire me, that are in turn inspiring other people,” the artist said on a call. This give and take is more than personal, it’s part and parcel of street art, which is essentially an interactive game of hide and seek played by the artist and viewer.

“My Paper World” will trace the development of Phoebe, underlining the personal experience of the artist, and the transition of her character from desk to lamppost, where curator Julie Horne Møller first encountered Phoebe.

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Art Daily | Horsens Kunstmuseum presents a mid-career retrospective of distinctive New York artist

Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten | Afstanden fra New York til Horsens reducerers i streetart-udstilling, “Review: The distance from New York to East Jutland is reduced in an extensive exhibition at Horsens Art Museum”

Five-star review by art critic Lars Svanholm

Get Behind the Scenes Access to PhoebeNewYork, from studio to Denmark

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“We are fascinated with Schoettle’s progression and proliferation in paper. Some works are destined to be paste-up street art, which she leaves as a long trail through the city’s urban landscape – starting in the area between Greenwich Village and SoHo. The artworks have over time spread like rings in the water all over southern Manhattan, where the artist lives,” says curator Julie Horne Møller from Horsens Art Museum.

Since 2004, Schoettle has created several thousand collages. Inspiration comes from around the world in paper form, current and vintage fashion magazines, such as Vogue, old book covers, vintage album covers, found objects, and small pieces of fabric and paper that most people take for granted. For Schoettle, these diverse paper types and details have significant artistic potential and make her original artwork a collaboration that includes those who worked with or touched these materials before she found them.

The exhibition opens Saturday, 21 August from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. 

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Kuben in Horsens, Denmark

A public showcase in advance of the exhibition, installed by Horsens Art Museum:

The artist behind PhoebeNewYork

New York City-based artist Elizabeth Schoettle is a native of Bryn Mawr, Pa. She attended Gettysburg College, Philadelphia University, and graduated with honors from Hunter College. Schoettle has been featured in New York Magazine’s The CutTeen VogueJeJuneNylon, Downtown, Citizen Brooklyn, Teeth, Glamour Italia, BlackBook Media, Glamour Espana, and Il Fotografo. PhoebeNewYork has been the subject of fashion collaborations with Victoria Beckham, Dr. Marten’s, Sonia Rykiel, Lululemon, rag & bone, Delmonico’s, and Bonnie Young (BY.). An upcoming docuseries about Schoettle by Canobie Films is slated to air in 2021. She lives and works in New York City.


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